My Story

I’m Louise Taylor, founder of ‘Little Forget Me Nots’. Over the last 10 years my career has been focused on creating opportunities for families around the southern shore of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland. The culture and heritage is becoming disjointed, especially when this area relied heavily on their traditional skills as an income. From weaving to boat building I have been right at the heart of trying to sustain these crafts. I have also learned that these crafts can turn someones bad day into a great day!  
One day I put needle to thread and found my love of embroidery. After completing a make I felt a sense of achievement only a fellow crafter will understand.
I began to take a few orders here and there while I was still busy working with other crafters deliver workshops. The more people I got chatting to people, the more stories began to unfold. Just to hear someone talk about how craft changed thier mood really amazed me!
Through time I found using craft to tackle my own personal grief gave me a sense of belonging and I stitched my way to a better place. ‘Little Forget Me Nots’ means more to me than just a brand, it is close to my heart and I guess I want to share my secret on getting mentally fitter.
Going forward, I hope to use my business as a way of starting a conversation and breaking the silence around grief. I am donating a percentage of each sale to the ‘Little Forget Me Nots Trust’ which will help fundraise and provide families with practical support after a child loss.
I hope when you purchase something from me it is either to put a smile on someone's face or maybe to inspire you to stitch away your blues.