Lets Have A Yarn 🧶

Let's be honest,  where do we start!  When I started this punch needle journey I was overwhelmed with selection, and didn't know where to start.

I spent a small fortune on A LOT of trial and errors. But what I've learned is, everyone has a preference.  I also began to think I wasn't able to do this whole punch needle embroidery thing because I didn't know as much as others BUT one thing that kept me going was how pretty it was when I found that right yarn.

Yarn is only a part of punch needle, you do not need to have the best quality, the most expensive, art can be created/made in different forms and the stuff you have at home may be just right for you!

If we’re are talking straight, the most expensive yarns are not always required.  Your art work can be the way you want it.  I have found the yarn I feel is best for me and my products and one that I am happy to stock.

If you are only starting out, you are so welcome here. If you know your stuff about yarns please share this with the world.  

I am hoping to grow this yarn chat over the next few months.

PS always remember, everyday is a school day.  Some one will always know more and thats ok!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help that’s how we grow!